Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mommy jammas

Keeping in line with the sleeping pants theme that has consumed me of late, I finally made myself a pair. My little boy christened them "Mommy jammas" when he saw them so that I could match his "monkey jammas".  It would be nice to call them lounging pants but I think they are the wrong fabric - just simple cotton that is perfect for the hot climate I live in.   I picture lounging pajamas to be more along this line:


Ah, yes, in silk and lace, quietly reading a magazine or book, reclining on my satin chaise with my herbal tea in a china cup by the side table, well lit, nails perfect, made up with every hair in place, high heel shoes that I only wear with this outfit.  And of course, 20 pounds lighter and 20 years younger. *sigh*  Instead, I tend to look more like this wearing my own brand of monkey jammas.  Such is life.


Yes, I'm sure that I could easily make the lounging pajama and I will someday.  It looks easy enough.  Of course, I've never worked with satin.  I hear its very slippery.  That might be a problem.  However, I digress. 

Everyday pajama pants.  By the  way, I won't be wearing them with the golf shirt. And I will have to train Mr. Sanguine to take sewing-appropriate pictures.

The fabric is just quilting fabric that I fell in love with.  I have a thing for birds.  If you can see in the second and third picture, I cuffed the pants in a contrasting blue fabric to give them a little interest.  These pajama pants are soft and loose with a gathered waist and they will be a joy to sleep in and any other lounging I can think of. 

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