Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Story of the Never-Ending Clover Pants

….can finally end!  I got my sewing machine back and finished them up and I love them!!

Don’t they look great?

With very little adjustment, the pants fit like a dream.

In fact, they were so easy to make and I’m so enthralled with my blue pair that I thought I would make a red pair, too!

If you haven't made a pair of Colette Patterns Clover Pants, I highly recommend you do.  They are fabulous!


  1. Yes, they do look great.
    Yet another rave review for Colette patterns - I am the only one not to have tried them?

  2. Yow! Those are nice. Funny that it took me so many tries to fit my Butterick pattern and you got the Clovers in one try. They look great! Good idea to make a couple pairs while you're on a roll.


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