Monday, May 14, 2012

I finally got my quilt back and it’s gorgeous!  I found rose-colored quilt binding at Joann’s and used it.  My first binding and its ok.  Lot’s of flaws in this first quilt but I love, love, love the stippling! 

While I was in Joann’s, I ran into a lady who was purchasing some quilting fabric and this is what she bought.

Yes, it was so gorgeous that I just had to get some, too. This will be my next quilt.

The next project will be working on a jacket for my little guy.  He’s growing out of all his jackets and in California, we have these cool morning that require something light weight.  This is a lovely charcoal flannel fabric that I think will work well.

That’s all for now, dear readers.  What  projects are you working on?


  1. Wow! All my color and pattern-mixing brain cells are jumping now! The quilt came out just gorgeous. I love the way your unplanned, unmatched pieces came together. It's very vintage-looking. I can see why you sent it out for the actual quilting - what a job that would be on a regular machine. It really looks nice.

    And I can also see why you had to get that fabric when you saw it - the combination is irresistible. Is it all from one designer group, or is it just a wonderful coincidence that the colors work so well together?

    1. The fabric was not from the same designer group. This lady in Joann's had picked it out and I was oooh-ing and ahhhhing over them. We talked about what she was going to make with it and it's really easy. She was more than gracious to let me copy her idea. I just need some white fabric to make the rest of it and of course, backing fabric.

  2. Hey I have an unrelated question: did you ever decide on what iron to buy? I was looking at irons online this morning and I'm just overwhelmed by the number of brands and models.


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