Sunday, April 15, 2012

It Costs How Much??!!

Hello, Friends.  Today I wanted to talk about sewing tools and how much they cost. Like most sewers, I’ve spent my fair share of money on my tools, fabrics, notions, etc., and have spent a small fortune.  It has been worth it though, and I’m glad I was in a position to afford it (although I’ve yet to come across a deal on yards of fabric for $2 that I read others all over the internet are finding!).  But, does price equal quality?

Last year, I decided to purchase a new sewing machine.  It’s a Janome and although I bought it on sale, it was still more than I’ve ever spent on a sewing machine before.  My serger, a Brother 1034D was purchased on Amazon for less than $200.  I’ve been extremely happy with my Janome, the first non-Singer I’ve ever owned, as it has a whole lot of really neat features that have impressed me over the months.

Today, I was perusing the aisles of Joann’s during my lunch break today and I looked at pinking shears.  I’m not sure if I will buy a new pair as I already have a pair but, they acted up on my Clover pants pockets and things just haven’t been the same between us since.  So, thinking I might have to replace them, I stopped to look at the scissors.  As we all know, scissors aren’t cheap – well, at least good scissors aren’t cheap.  I’ve learned that, at least with sewing scissors, you get what you pay for.  Not yet ready to give up on my current pair of pinking shears, I didn’t linger too long and moved along to the next aisle.

On the next aisle, I saw the irons and began to invest some time in looking at the features of each iron.  Personally, I’ve never owned a top of the line iron.  I’ve usually stayed about mid-range or in some instances when it was an emergency, I bought a cheap iron to get me through.  As I was looking at the irons, I saw the prices and just about had a heart attack!  Some of these irons were going for $199!!  For that amount of money, the thing better make my dinner as well as perfectly iron my sewing projects.

                                         By the way, aren't these lovely trivets?

I’m sorry but, $199?  Really?  I just can’t envision any iron that works so well that it would be worth $199.  What could it do that the other models at $79 didn’t do?  Nothing.  Would it last longer?  Maybe marginally longer.  I understand that better irons do their job better but $199 worth of better?  I don’t think so.

In closing, dear readers, am I crazy to think that is far too expensive for an iron?  Do you think this is a reasonable price for an iron?  Am I missing something?

Have a great day and keep on sewing!

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  1. I must say that everytime my iron spews something nasty all over a beautiful fabric, I have a fleeting moment of wanting to pay anything for an iron that does not do that. But most of the time, sanity (or frugality) prevails and I think my top price would be around $100. But it would have to be REALLY good.


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