Thursday, April 19, 2012

Clover pants - the never-ending story

The Colette Clover pants are coming along fine.  They are almost finished and fitting very well.  I’m finding that they are gaping just a tad away from the back but not enough to be bothersome.  I don’t tuck my tops into pants anymore so I’m not too worried.  And, of course, that gaping might correct itself once I put in the zipper and finish the waistband. 

Sometimes it seems that way. Things are going well with them and I'm very excited to get them finished up.

I tried them on this morning but didn’t take any pictures because I had just gotten out of bed.  I didn’t think any of you really wanted to see me in all my morning glory.

I did make a mistake, though. 

I attached my waistband last night during my 30 minute sewing session and didn’t realize my mistake until I tried on the pants this morning. Turns out it the waistband wasn’t on the inside as I had thought but on the outside and would have shown.  So, this morning, I quickly removed the waistband and will cut out another tonight and reattach.  I also plan on finishing up the pants since this happens to be my Friday.  I only have the zipper, the left side and the hemming.

I can definitely see myself making several pairs of this pattern.  They are very quick and easy.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished clovers.

    The 30 minutes sewing is a good idea - doing a little bit rather than waiting till there's a whole afternoon free.

  2. Oh my, I've never (yet) attached a waistband inside out but have done MANY sleeves the wrong way. Such a pain to rip out. Good luck and I look forward to the finished product!


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