Sunday, April 1, 2012

How the quilt is coming along.....

I got around to making up the backing to my quilt yesterday.  I picked stripes which wasn't a very good idea since I'm horrible at trying to match up stripes.  I think I might have to read up on how to make a quilt backing.  The ones I've made in the past were whole - extra wide fabric - so, I didn't have to do any piecing to make the backing the correct size.

It's very pretty and should look quite nice when I get it done.  I will have to add binding which I wasn't really wanting to do.  I will be using the turquoise fabric I got for the border (as I'm not going to make a border).  I should have enough but first things first.  Get it to the quilter!

I got a book recommendation from a local quilt shop called Start Quilting with Alex Anderson and it is a very easy to use book. Even with my limited quilting experience, I could easily make two or three quilts in this book.  Problem is, I find that most quilting books focus on making the blocks and very few discuss how to make the baking.  It kind of seems like a no-brainer but I tell you, its a lot more difficult than it looks.  Perhaps its because I'm challenged in math and having to figure out how to make two yards of 45" fabric fit onto a 51" x 62" quilt.  But, I managed to muddle through it even though the stripes aren't matched up well.

Anyhoo, I suppose it's time to go on YouTube and look up making quilt backings. 

Have a great day and keep on sewing!

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  1. Just love all the colors you've got in this project, and I can't wait to see the finished piece.


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