Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sewing Book Review

Hello, everyone.  I’ve been so busy lately and then came down with a bad cold, I haven’t had much time to blog.  Yet, I did receive something in the mail from Amazon that I’m happy to share with you.
As I’ve written before, I’ve been looking for sewing classes to take but haven’t really found anything that works with my schedule or sewing level.  In my search, I came across a certification program through Association for Sewing & Design Professionals that I thought looked pretty interesting.  Although I do not feel I am a good enough seamstress to take a certification course, I did download the book list required for the program.  Many of the books were ones I already had by authors we’ve all heard of – Susan Khalje, Claire Shaeffer, etc. – but, I found a book I hadn’t heard of yet.  It’s called Dressmaking: A Step-by-Step Course by Leila Aitken .

Dressmaking: A Step-By-Step Course
When the book arrived, I noticed it was a little outdated with many of the pictures from the 1980s but I think it is a great little book for beginners.  The pictures are clear and the directions simple.  There isn’t too much information, which can be nice for a beginner.  The book doesn’t talk too much about fitting or tailoring clothing but it *is* about dressmaking so it isn’t bogged down with tutorials on sewing pillows or stuffed animals, which is also nice (I personally pass up many sewing books because they are filled with cute crafty projects - but I'm really not interested in making pillows too often, and how many fabric satchels can you have? heh).
I believe though, that I really need to think about buying any more sewing books. I have an entire library of books with the same sewing information and Dressmaking is just one more.  Granted, I’m a book lover and I always feel that one book may talk about the same steps but say it in such a way that it’s different and thus, something I didn’t understand before suddenly becomes clear.
 As an intermediate seamstress, I found Vogue Sewing Revised and Updated to be far more encompassing and thorough however, Dressmaking is geared more towards a beginner. 
That's all for now.  We are expecting rain in Phoenix this weekend and I have my sewing project all ready to begin.

Have a great day and keep on sewing!


  1. I'm sorry you got that cold but I'm so glad you're back!
    I keep collecting sewing books but I can't seem to get around to reading them. I refer to some of them when I have a specific project, like right now I'm trying to talk myself into sewing pants and I have a book about just fitting pants, so that is helpful. With the others, I just end up looking at the pretty pictures. Maybe I'll accidentally absorb some knowledge that way!

  2. Katrina, I do the same thing!!! I collect the books, and scan through them and only focus on the things I don't know. Granted, they are really good references and I use them constantly to help me through a bump. But sure enough, I put them down when one of my sewing magazines come in.


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