Friday, November 18, 2011

Colette Patterns

I just bought my first two Colette Patterns  and I'm really excited.  I've been eying these patterns for quite some time and I thoroughly enjoyed making the Sorbet and I wear it constantly.  It was so easy and it turned out great. I got the Clover pants and the Jasmine top.  Links to the patterns are below the pictures.



These pants might just replace my Vogue cigarette pants but we'll see.  I really like that the pants have a pocket.  Pockets are very important to me.

On other fronts, I'm determined to do some sewing this weekend although, the coming holiday may very well throw that idea out the window.  I don't have much to do other than clean the house and do laundry, as I'm not cooking this Thanksgiving.  Whew!  But, it will be an uneventful weekend with plenty of sewing time.  I might just give my husband's boxers a second go.

Have a great day and keep on sewing!

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  1. What beautiful choices! Those clover pants are just adorable - you probably saw where they put up some of the sewalong participants' pants on the Coletterie blog. Really an elegant fit.


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