Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Guest Room

My daughter moved to California last week and I wasted no time changing her room into a guest room.  Can you tell I'm a happy semi-empty nester?  We cleaned everything out last weekend and painted the room a Benjamin Moore color for Pottery Barn.  The color is called Hush and it is so lovely.  I had acquired the pictures over the bed from my mother-in-law and I've been holding onto them for some time until I had the right place to hang them.

The bird nest was on sale from Hobby Lobby and the canister of soap from a popular clothing store whose name escapes me right now.

The flowers are to bring a little color to the room and the silhouette is of my son from Disneyland. The frame it came with fit the room perfectly.

My husband bought this picture before we were married and we've had it hanging in a dark hallway for the longest time.  It's nothing special but it's a Paris street scene and again, brings some color to the room.

Close-up of the soap canister.

Here is the best picture I could get of the entire room.  It's a small room and no matter what angle I tried, I couldn't fit the entire room in.

I have had another french picture stashed in my garage.  It was something that caught my eye at Ross and I picked it up for a song.  I liked it but there was no other place to put it in the room.  Since the room is so small, we put an empty dresser in the closet.  I just put the picture on top of the dresser for an "Ah!" moment.  I want to include a porcelain bowl and pitcher.  I think that would make it a nice vignette.

We had plain blinds in the window before and we were going to hang them again for privacy since the window faces the street but I wanted to dress the window too, to make it prettier. I had just purchased some fabric for curtains in my sewing room and I feared I would have to use that for these windows since the colors matched perfectly.  I was pondering my dilemma when I found these forgotten cafe curtains in my linen closet as I was pulling out the sheets and bedding. I had an "aha" moment as I pulled them out and ironed them.  They fit perfectly and let in light but kept privacy during the day.

The room is fresh and light and airy and I'm so pleased with the results.

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