Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn is here!

As you may be able to tell by now, I've been working on my house more than I've been sewing.  I'm sort of attention deficit that way.  I'll become absorbed in something one minute and completely change directions the next.  So, in addition to working on my new guest room, the cooler weather in Arizona inspired me to take out some fall decorations.

Like many other people, I am entering my favorite time of year.  I love fall colors and all the earth tones.  I use these throughout my house but I'm able to pump it up a little in October and through Christmas.  Although I don't have that many decorations, I do have a few and I'm enjoying setting them all up.  So, dear readers, in the spirit of the fall season, I give you ........ drum roll, please....
my dinner table.

I've tried using a matching tablecloth but the wood is so gorgeous that the cover just made it look flat.  The wood brings such a rich color and warmth to the room. The suede place mats were purchased a few years ago at Walmart.  They are Better Homes and Gardens. The vase is an old copper vase from my mother-in-law.  It fits perfectly with this.  The chair pillows were on sale at Khol's just this morning and I couldn't resist - especially since I had a gift card.  So, essentially, they were free.  The napkins holders are a little fancy for the decor but I think they bring a little bling to it.

I've seen many tablescapes on the blogosphere and this is in no way even close to what those talented ladies put together.  Some of them are truly phenomenal and I envy them their vast array of tableware.  I just wonder where they are able to store it all.  This is just my little decorations for the autumn.  I hope you enjoy it.  It also gives me the opportunity to practice taking pictures!

Have a great day!

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