Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nothing of note...

...happened this past weekend.  Saturday we had a refrigerated delivered to replace the new one we bought 3 years ago that died.  We had the extended warranty so it didn't cost us anything.  We were even able to upgrade. It was a good thing but ate up a great deal of time around the house.

Sunday, I worked on my top.  I had much trouble with the neck yoke.  It is supposed to be gathered but I soon found myself become exasperated with the darn thing and put it down.  I decided to peruse Pattern Review to see what others had said and sure enough, I wasn't the only person who felt the yoke was too time consuming.

I liked the top though, so I read through all the reviews, looking to see if someone had some insight or shortcut I could use to make my life simpler.  One lady skipped the gathering entirely and just attached the yoke lining as it was.  The top looked great.  In fact, it looked better than the gathered yoke, to my eyes.

Hence, I have decided to ignore the gathering and just attach my yoke lining (cut in the same fabric) as the neckline.  I haven't had time to finish it yet but I will post as soon as I can.

Pictures to be coming.....

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